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All of our deodorants are manufactured and hand-made in Yorkshire, United Kingdom! They are all made in-house so we can ensure quality and ingredients are hand-picked by ourselves.

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Yes! Although our products aren't registered with a Vegan society (yet), our full list of ingredients can be foundhere.

You can find a full list of our ingredients on our dedicated ingredients page, foundhere.

We have tested our deodorants in a number of different scenarios and washes, as well as on a variety of materials. Thus far, we have found it has left no marks or white spots. So your shirts are safe with us!

We offer smaller pocket-sized tins which will let you try out our deodorants for cheaper!

Absolutely not. We firmly stand by our commitment to never harming any animals in the production of our products. Any suppliers we find who have done so will no longer work with us. Luckily, we hand-picked our suppliers and are confident we all have the same message!

We have done all we can to minimise the risk of reactions including using the finest grains of sodium bicarbonate. However, if you have super extra-sensitive skin there is always a chance of experiencing irritation. Because of that, we'd advise you pick our sensitive skin formula's in which we have purposefully lowered the amount of bicarb, as well as excluded essential oils we can contain allergens. Similarly, try and avoid any mint-like deodorants.

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To use a code, go to the checkout and input the code in the "Vouchers" box. We'll know who gave you the code from there! Enjoy your saving!

Yes! Kind-of. Aware is a deodorant and not an anti-perspirant. However, we have included a special formula which soaks up any sweat and eliminate odour. We can't guarantee it will stop sweat during a heavy workout, but it'll definitely stop you smelling musky!

Only a finger-tip! Swipe a small amount with your index finger from the balm and rub it inbetween your finger and thumb to heat it up. This should be all you need - but feel free to use more should you not cover the whole area.

Whilst we can't speak for other natural deodorants, we can 100% confirm our natural deodorant does work and will provide you with 24+ hours of natural protection. Over 2 years of daily testing before we brought our product to market confirms we didn't imagine it! Our deodorants contain antibacterial ingredients that prevent odour causing bacteria from forming. By doing this so effectively we ensure that your underarms remain fresh all day.

We use organic ingredients where possible, however we cannot confirm they are all 100% organic. Only our Arrowroot powder is 100% certified organic.

1. Cleaning your hands, use a dry finger and scoop a small amount of deodorant from the jar.

2. Smooth out the deodorant with your fingertips and apply thoroughly onto each underarm until absorbed.

3. Enjoy over 24 hours of protection!

*Do not apply to broken skin.

**Be careful when using after shaving

***Keep the deodorant in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight

Any questions? Email us.

We would advise using our unscented sensitive skin deodorant whilst you are pregnant. Since it contains no essential oils, there's no risk.

Yep! We are 100% Gluten-Free!

We would advise for children to use only our sensitive skin range, such as Lavender or unscented.

Keep the deodorant in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.

We try to keep our deodorants in stock 100% of the time, however sometimes we may struggle to keep up with demand. Any deodorant that goes out of stock will be available again very soon! We will make sure we honour all subscriptions first.

Shea Butter is known for seperating if it cools down too quickly after being heated. It's OK and totally normal! Heat the deodorant jar up in some hot water until it melts, then pop it in the fridge. This will reset the Shea Butter and make it nice and creamy again!

If it hardens: Heat the deodorant jar up in some hot water until it melts, then pop it in the fridge. This will reset the Shea Butter and make it nice and creamy again!

If it melts: Pop it in the freezer, then once its hard, in the fridge - then take it out and give it a stir!

Unopened, the deodorant will last up to 2 years. Once it has been opened, it will last up to 1 year. Daily use will mean the deodorant will last you up to 1-2 months until you run out.

Sadly, we cannot 100% guarantee that deodorant will be irritant free and we're so sorry about that. We would recommend switching over to our sensitive skin range which uses less bicarbonate and little to no essential oils.

Take care when using the deodorant after shaving. We would advise not using the deodorant on any broken skin.

As one of the ingredients in our balm is coconut oil we would have to recommend speaking to your Doctor before using.

Our deodorants do not inhibit perspiration because we believe sweating is normal and important. The last thing you want to do is use chemicals to block your pores doing a natural thing. Nevertheless, you may find you are sweating less.

Although a balm technically is not classed as a liquid, you may have difficulty getting through security with the balm, as ours is leaning on creamy. It is less than 100ml however!

Our lid and fresh cap are made from corn starch and are 100% recyclable. However, our jars are glass and the labels are recycled gloss paper - not to mention our recycled card packaging boxes and envelopes!

We're so happy you're looking to choose a natural deodorant over normal off-the-shelf deodorants. As long as you're considering that, we're happy! Nevertheless, helping us grow means you're choosing:

🌱 100% Natural Ingredients

🤓 Scientifically proven to neutralise odor-causing bacteria

🌏 Single-use plastic free

♻️ Lids made with recycled plastic

🐰 Cruelty free & vegan

📦 Delivered with a sustainable courier


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Yes! We can dropship our products through your store, however we only work with responsible and registered businesses and not individuals. Get in touch with ushere!


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