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A Natural Deodorant Balm That Performs For You AND Nature.

Why Aware?

Being sustainable shouldn't be an exclusive club or particularly difficult. That's why with Aware, we wanted to create something that's affordable and for everyone.

We do our best to make sure our ingredients are only natural and do as little harm, or ideally, no harm to anything or anyone - especially our planet.

By choosing Aware, you're already making a positive impact on the environment. Our entire packaging, jar, lid and more are totally recyclable and because we use no chemicals or unwanted materials in our balm, it can all be recycled.

This is why we created Aware. We wanted something strong enough so that it could be relied upon even on the warmest and most action-packed days, but that would also make you feel good, doing good!

The Deodorant

The Aware Deodorant formulation is something of time and passion. The concept and formula started in 2021, with the deodorants being made in our Managing Directors very own home. From there, it has gone through multiple changes and many, many.. many family members and friends until we got to where we are today, perfected!

We have ensured the balm has gone through rigerous testing and has been passed around numerous experts in formulations to ensure every test is passed and that everything has been sourced ethically and cruelty free. That's why you can find our certifications on our very website.


Why Balm & Cream

We understand there are many forms of natural deodorants out there, whether in a stick, a spray or other balms and creams. Although plastic sticks are recycled and even reusable, they're not 100% recyclable. Glass however can be recycled over and over and over and (arguably) keeps the deodorant fresh for much longer!

That's why we decided to keep our balm and cream at its most infant form, with more focus on Coconut Oil and less on Shea Butter. Not only does this moisturise your underarm and keep your smelling fresh all day, but also your hands! Until you wash them of course.

Our Commitments

We are hugely passionate about supporting people to live an active life whilst protecting our planet.

We are even more passionate about protecting everything that lives on it, that's why we will ALWAYS be cruelty free and even question and inspect our suppliers to ensure they are sticking by our mantra.